Long Journey to now...

In the early 1900's my grandfather, Frederick Stoll, left his home and travelled by ship to the US.

Nearly one hundred years later, the internet allows us to travel the world without leaving our homes. Were able to communicate with friends and family; whether they be in far away places or just down the street.

We are able to meet people and learn things we could never have experienced at the time my grandfather crossed the ocean.

Our family has grown from one to many, in the generations that have past. Many last names have merged into our family, Alcorn, Breautigan, Cherry, Doud, Fisher, Hale, Krotzer, Korycki, Lebsack, Leone, Maul, Reppuhn, Tupes, Wazny to name just a few.

Whatever, the case may be; whether your family, a friend or just visiting. Welcome to my online home.

Fred Stoll -

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Good judgment comes from experience - and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.

--- Will Rogers

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